We offer a matured concept for comfortable and safe surfing for beginners. Sensible learning by intelligent modules, theory and practice provides a fruitful symbiosis, not forgetting the correction of movements that guarantee fun and fascination from the very first wave.   2 hours of practice each day completes the theory classes about the formation of the waves, the weather, the currents, the tides, the boards and surfing history. .

Course rating :

3 days (1,5 hours per day) theoretical and practicals, instruction and surf material.

(approx. 1 hours instruction + ½ an hour solo surfing)

                   Price: 3 Days 109€ 


The first day of the course we realize an evaluation phase which gives us a clear idea over the skills you possess. With the base on this evaluation we decide together the objectives for each participant in the surfcamp.

Minimum participants: 2.

Course rating :

3 days (2 hours each), theory and practice, surf material and video analysis.

(approx. 1,5 hours instruction + ½ an hour solo surfing)

Price:  3 Days 109 €


Private hours

With an intensive dedication of 1:1 or 1:2 you can profit more from the surf education and our instructor abilities.  This is a customized content towards your abilities and skills. Especially for advanced surfers come tips and tricks from our instructors who help you with your abilities in shorter time towards perfection. The education under a private surf coach is the optimal way to faster learning.

Course rating : 2 hours theoretical and practical instruction, surf material Price: 99€